We use a special handling collection with real historical items; these unique resources support the national curriculum and cross-curricular studies.

Workshops are delivered at Brent Museum or at your school. Each workshop is delivered by an experienced museum educator, with the support of teachers and school staff. Children develop historical enquiry, speaking, listening and thinking skills.

  • Cost of Workshops at Brent Museum: £60 per class of up to 35 children for Brent schools. £120 for non-Brent schools.
  • Cost of Workshops at Brent schools: £80 for first class of up to 35 children and £60 for each subsequent workshop. There is an additional charge of £5 per class to cover materials for the Egyptian mummification workshop.

Making a booking

To book sessions email to discuss your requirements. Sessions can be run morning, afternoon or whole-day.

We can accommodate up to two classes of 35 children at the museum at a time. One class takes part in a workshop and the other visits other spaces in the building and then they swap over. Please talk to the Learning Officer if you would like to use the Education Room for lunches.