We charge a fee for memorials at our four cemeteries, including trees with dedication plaques, bench plaques and headstones.


You will need to include the details of any masons involved as well as a sketch of the proposed memorial.


Take a look at our guide on memorials and to see the variation between the memorials allowed in each of our cemeteries.

Memorial permit and up-keep fees

Memorial permit and up-keepFees
Full memorial with Landing £357.00
Headstone/plaque £302.00
works/inscriptions £109.00
Removal of memorial for interment £169.50
Replacement of memorial after interment (12 months later) £169.50
Tree plaque Carpenders Park - Single £242.00
Tree plaque Carpenders Park - Double £326.50
Full memorial - Raise and level £66.50
Plaque - Raise and level £46.00
Bench with plaque £1331.00
Bench plaque (5 years) £157.00
Concrete based bench with Plaque (Not at Carpenders Park) £1452.00