Abandoned and unwanted vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle on the street

Report an abandoned vehicle online 

Or call us on 020 8937 5050 to report an abandoned vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle on a council run estate

Report an abandoned vehicle on an estate online

When reporting please tell us:

  • the exact location of the vehicle, such as outside number 6, High Road, Wembley
  • the colour, make and model of the vehicle such as 'red Ford Escort'
  • the registration number of the vehicle
  • the length of time you believe the vehicle has been abandoned at the location.

Ask us to collect your old vehicle

You can use this form to let us know if you want us to collect your unwanted vehicles free of charge from your home provided that you are a Brent resident and have proof of ownership – vehicle registration documents.  These will only be collected for free from your own house/driveway.

If you do not live in Brent or are the managing agent of a property in Brent, or this is a business or commercial property where the vehicle is located, there is a charge of £100 for each vehicle removed from private property.

Fill out the surrendered vehicle online form

Please also fill out and return the indemnity form 

For more information contact us online or call 020 8937 5050.

Have you had a notice attached to your car or a letter in the post regarding a vehicle: please email waste.enforcement@brent.gov.uk with your registration and if possible a copy of your V5.