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General info

Taxicard is a scheme that provides subsidised transport for people who have a serious long‐term mobility impairment, or severe sight impairment, and difficulty in using mainstream public transport.

Taxicard holders make journeys in licensed London taxis and private hire vehicles, and the subsidy applies directly to each trip. Residents qualifying for this scheme can use the service to:

  • visit relatives
  • shopping
  • other social events.

You should not use your Taxicard for any personal hospital appointments. Please contact your GP or hospital to arrange patient transport.

Trips: 8 per month which can roll over into the next month.

£8.30/£9.30/£10.80 maximum subsidies per trip

Minimum fare: £2.50

Double swiping is allowed. This allows Taxicard users to swipe their cards twice in a single trip and use two trip allocations to cover one long journey.

Your Taxicard can be used anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, subject to taxi and private hire vehicle availability. Please note, not all black taxis participate in this scheme. Further information on how to book a taxi is below.

Am I Eligible?

If you have one of the following benefits, then you are normally entitled to a Taxicard.

  • Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA) for life / indefinite period.
  • Registered as Severely Sight Impaired/Blind.
  • War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement (WPMS).

All other applications may be subject to a mobility assessment specialist for further assessment. You will be contacted separately if this is necessary. Please remember to supply all up-to-date medical evidence of your condition, proof of ID, proof of your address and proof of your entitlement to any of the above with your application form as well as any proof of the above.








How do I apply?

An application form for a Taxicard can be obtained from:

Lost or stolen Taxicard

If you need a replacement Taxicard because it is lost, stolen or damaged, please call us on 020 8937 5796.

For more information visit the London Council's website


How do I book a taxi?

If you are eligible and have been issued a Taxicard, you can book a taxi:

For more information visit their website

Further help and advice

If you would like some advice about using London's transport, you may like to contact Transport for All's Advocacy and Advice Line on 0207 737 2339 or visit

Transport for All is an organisation for disabled and older people.

It provides advice, information and advocacy about travelling in London, and campaigns for a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older Londoners.