Advice for people who rent in Brent

Some tenants who live in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Brent may not know that their landlord needs a license, or what the benefits of their landlord having a licence are.

We want to help tenants in privately rented HMOs know their rights. We also want to tell HMO tenants how they can report their landlord anonymously and confidentially if they discover, through our easy-to-use online database, that they are living in an unlicensed property. HMO renters do not need to suffer in silence if they find themselves living in sub-standard or poorly maintained accommodation: they can report a disrepair to Brent council.

The poster and leaflet below explain how renters can identify if they live in a HMO, spot a rogue landlord and find the right web links to report their concerns.

Please feel free to download and display our resources in your shop, community centre, school, nursery, work place or place of worship in Brent.