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Summer in the City

If the weather forecast is right, it is likely to be very hot when you’re reading this and the good news is there’s lots to look forward to in Brent this summer.

Brent Dance Month kicks off on 1 July with a spectacular launch in The Grand Hall. Bring your lunch and enjoy the visual feast. If you can’t make this event, there is a jam-packed programme of dance and dance fitness months. Brent is a really unique borough in having such a programme so I hope you can make time to enjoy the talent on your doorstep.

We have also launched a cycling campaign this month which aims to encourage people to discover the joy of cycling. Cycling really is the equivalent of a ‘superfood’ – it burns calories, relieves stress and makes you fitter. A cycle to the shops or gym or a school pick-up means there is one less car on our congested roads. There is a whole summer of events for you to give cycling a try if you have never tried it before. As a keen cyclist myself, I’m really keen for others to discover how liberating it is to cycle. Everything cycling-related is on Everything is free.

The new library at Willesden Green opens its doors on Monday 27 July. We are planning a grand opening event in September to coincide with the Rugby World Cup trophy visit, but before that residents will be able to get a sneak peek inside the brand new multi purpose cultural hub. The state of the art building will include a new library, gallery and exhibition space, a museum and archives as well as performance space and also a new café, which will open shortly after opening. The Library at Willesden Green replaces the former library which was built in the 1980's and was inefficient and expensive to run. The new premises retain an element of the original building to the front, blending the old with the new.

As a final point, it is great to see a rogue landlord being convicted of failing to obtain a landlord licence. The property he rented out, to 16 people, was in an appalling condition and unsafe for tenants. I’m glad to see our policy working in practice so that protection is in place for those who need it.

With all of these exciting activities to enjoy over summer, it could be easy to forget that the extreme heat can be a challenging time for many in our community. The elderly, the very young and also those who are fasting for Ramadan can all find the high temperatures a struggle so I hope we can all be neighbourly and look out for those who need a helping hand.

Cllr Muhammed Butt

Leader, Brent Council