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It’s time to spread the love

You might have started to see some of these posters around the borough.

They show local people taking action to improve their neighbourhoods.

They are part of our new Love where you live campaign, which aims to encourage more residents to take an active role in making Brent a better, happier place to live by passing on inspiring stories.

The campaign has been inspired by the infectious enthusiasm which many Brent residents demonstrate week in, week out.

The first phase of the campaign features stories of local residents who are making their streets cleaner and greener by taking simple actions such as reporting illegally dumped rubbish or graffiti, recycling waste or getting involved in clean up days.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at the 5 easy ways you can help to make Brent cleaner and greener at

Over the coming months and years, Love where you live will be passing on the stories of a wide range of residents on a variety of community level issues.
We want to know what good things you are doing in your neighbourhood because you ‘Love where you live’?

These don’t necessarily have to be connected to cleaner, greener streets. You may be volunteering at your local youth club, checking in on an elderly neighbour or organising an event to fundraise money for a local cause.

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Trevor wrote...
Eleanor, I support the notion of encouraging Brent residents to be more considerate in how they discard waste. But it is sadly obvious that there is little 'love' being shown when I pass through the Borough I have lived in for half a century. I am of the opinion that people, in general, tend to be selfish and unwilling to do what is needed to help to make the Borough they live in better. They tend to hold the belief that they aren't responsible and that it is down to other people to set the example. That, of course, doesn't mean that you should abandon your cause. Rather it means that you have to find another way to help people make the effort to dispose of waste material in the right way. Once people start doing that we in Brent will notice the difference it will make. Also, you need to remind local residents that they are not only responsible but they are also accountable for the way they throw away waste material. Also you and your cabinet must stop making excuses for why litter isn't swept up more often. Brent council must not claim that it is too expensive to keep the street roads and green areas clean. That isn't acceptable to me considering the fact that I pay what I owe each month in terms of council tax. I acknowledge that cuts to funding is making it difficult to keep things running smoothly but there must be a way to make sure that the essentials such as street cleaning stays in place. Otherwise you will end up with a Borough that is untidy and full of frustrated residents who feel annoyed with the way you and your cabinet run the Borough.
December 30, 2017 09:48