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There is no place for hate in Brent

Just last week, the US President hit a new low when he retweeted vile hate-filled messages from a British far right group who attempt to normalise hatred towards Muslims.

It was an action that brought widespread condemnation even from those who had previously publicly supported him - and rightly so. With such a huge social media following, 40 million followers at the last count, President Trump’s retweets risked legitimising and emboldening the voices of discord on either side of the Atlantic. I urge President Trump to remove those hate filled messages from his twitter timeline and  make absolutely clear his opposition to racism and hatred in all its forms.

That’s something that we cannot stand for here in Brent and myself and the Leader of the opposition, Cllr Warren, moved swiftly to put out a joint statement expressing our rejection of hate and embracing our ethos of hope. President Trump should be ashamed of what he has done, spreading hatred has consequences for the ones at the receiving end, and we will stand up for everyone so that they  have a strong voice. I hope that out Prime minister will revisit the offer of the state visit to someone who openly preaches hate and division.

In September a motion against hate crime received the unanimous backing of Full Council, which followed council efforts to tackle the post-Brexit referendum rise in hate crime as part of our Time to Talk campaign.

Our best asset as a borough is and has always been our community, whose diversity and vibrancy has been key to our recent bid to become London Borough of Culture in 2020.

Wherever people have fled war, political unrest or economic trial anywhere in the world, Brent has been here leading the way in providing a safe haven to people whose contribution to life is nurtured and valued.

There’s a reminder for us all as Christmas approaches,  of the need to be more empathetic, tolerant and accommodating of others. 

Written by Cllr Muhammed Butt