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London Borough of Culture 2020 #BackBrentsBid

You’ve probably heard by now that Brent is entering the competition run by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to become London Borough of Culture.

This is a great new competition, recognising how London’s diverse cultural scene is a huge part of all of our lives.
Here in Brent we’re bidding for the title in 2020, so we can build a year-long cultural programme to wrap around the sporting highlight of the year – the Euros – which will see Wembley Stadium play host to Europe’s top footballers.

Sadiq is right to recognise that culture isn’t just about the top international superstars London produces, or the iconic world-class venues our city has to offer – it’s every bit as much about the day to day experiences in our neighbourhoods and communities.

That’s why our bid in Brent not only celebrates the top artists and performers that the area produces, but also on the unbeatable blend of cultural influences unique to our part of this great city.

No other part of London has the depth of cultural heritage that draws together such a rich mix of cultures from Britain to Ireland, the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and beyond.

Whatever your age, wherever you live in Brent, and whatever background you come from, we all taste Brent’s cultural diversity daily in our food, hear it in our music, and experience it in our range of dance, art, cinema, theatre and literature.

Our bid will be going in on December 1 and we know Brent’s got what it takes to win. But we need your support so do your bit by backing the bid at

Written by Cllr Muhammed Butt


Trevor wrote...
I always believe that effort and hard work gives its reward to those who are willing to make an effort for a good cause. If I think about Brent in that vein of thought I don't it is worthy of even being shortlisted because I am yet to see any real genuine effort being made by local residents let alone the council cabinet to do its utmost to make the very best of the Borough they live in. As for 'culture', I ask ''what culture?'' When I look around all I see is neglect and abuse of many kinds. That is my honest opinion is what Brent is known for and anything else is in vain and just serves as a thin smokescreen to hide the horrible bitter truths about the London Borough of Brent. If Brent wants to be put on a pedestal then let it first open its collective eyes and see the truth about itself and then put forth the sincere effort to change what is horrible into something nice and pleasant. Then and only then should it be able to puff out its chest with pride and call for the honor that belongs to those who are willing to work for a reward.
December 30, 2017 10:05