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Council’s record speaks for itself

In 2010, Brent Council received £660 per resident in government funding.

After eight years of austerity, that’s fallen to £130. Under Labour, this council has met a near-decade of cuts with year after year of practical ambition, and maximum protection for our most vulnerable residents. As a result, despite the massive pressure those cuts have created, we still have much to celebrate:

  • World class teachers – including literally THE world’s best teacher – in some of this country’s best rated, best performing schools;
  • Elderly residents getting the care and support they need while staying as independent as possible, for as long as possible;
  • Changing the private rental market from the inside, making good quality, secure, affordable homes available to even more of our residents;
  • Supporting our police, investing in additional officers, upgrading CCTV and street lights;
  • Thousands of new homes, hundreds of skilled jobs, massive investment in the local economy, a stronger tax base, and a huge boost to public facilities;
  • One of the UK’s most popular, accessible, and state of the art library services;
  • And, based on a renewed sense of community and proud heritage, being named London’s 2020 Borough of Culture.

Our residents deserve nothing less. They deserve a council that stands up for them. That is on their side. A council that ensures everyone who’s made this their home has a fair and lasting chance to achieve their fullest potential. That has been our record and will remain Brent Labour’s promise.

Councillor Muhammad Butt

Written by Cllr Muhammed Butt