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Uniting against hate

In March I travelled to Bosnia with the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ in my role as Lead Member for ‘Stronger Communities’ in Brent. It was both a shocking and sobering visit. To learn about the horrors that happened in Srebrenica, just a two hour flight from London, is a powerful reminder of why we must reject those who practice the politics of division, intolerance and hate.

Britain’s most diverse borough takes a new approach to countering extremism – it’s time to talk

The threat of terrorism isn’t new to Londoners but is now fresh in our minds following the rise of the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ and the Paris attacks and the stabbing at Leytonstone tube station. Cases in the courts and in the news have highlighted Brits travelling abroad to receive terrorist training. We’re now awake to the concept of ‘lone-wolf’ attacks, by people radicalised over the internet without having any solid links to organised extremist networks.
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