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Grammar and secondary modern schools are a relic of education history
Friday October 7, 2016

In Brent, our comprehensive schools draw in pupils from one of the most diverse boroughs in the country. Their achievements are not the result of selective recruitment, or segregating pupils based on attainment. Pupils from different backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities work and socialise together, supporting and encouraging one another.

Back to school in Brent
Wednesday August 31, 2016

This September, we’re reflecting on Brent’s GCSE and A Level results. I remember receiving my own results and now I am going through it with my children; the feeling of opening that envelope with no idea what lies inside is like no other!

Kilburn’s skyline is changing – and the best is yet to come
Thursday August 4, 2016

A lot is happening in South Kilburn, and it’s not just building work. The work is as much, if not more, about the people and community of South Kilburn, as it is about the properties.

We stand together
Friday July 15, 2016

Following the result of last month’s referendum, I want to reassure our friends and neighbours who come from the EU that your current rights and protections stand today as they did last week.

A show of love in Brent
Friday May 6, 2016

It’s been nearly three months since the Love Where You Live campaign launched in Brent and I’m really inspired by what I’ve seen so far.

Uniting against hate
Wednesday April 13, 2016

In March I travelled to Bosnia with the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ in my role as Lead Member for ‘Stronger Communities’ in Brent. It was both a shocking and sobering visit. To learn about the horrors that happened in Srebrenica, just a two hour flight from London, is a powerful reminder of why we must reject those who practice the politics of division, intolerance and hate.

Beating rogue landlords
Friday April 1, 2016

I am pleased to announce that this week sees the launch of a new campaign to increase the uptake of our landlord licensing scheme. I have seen how rogue landlords make local tenants’ lives a misery and can cause a whole host of social problems in our area, including antisocial behaviour from overcrowded properties or overflowing bins.

Council budget agreed
Friday March 4, 2016

After months of consultation with local residents across the borough, the council’s budget for 2016/17 was agreed last week. We have been able to freeze council tax bills for six years now while, at the same time, cutting council spending by £117 million as our government funding fell year after year.

It’s Time to Talk
Thursday March 3, 2016

Although my children are now grown up, I remember there were times when as a parent being concerned about them, especially when they were teenagers. I know many parents, sometimes hear things or read certain stories in the newspapers, and wonder if they’re doing enough and if their youngsters are safe.

It’s time to spread the love
Wednesday February 24, 2016

You might have started to see some new posters around the borough. They show local people taking action to improve their neighbourhoods.