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Back to school in Brent

This September, we’re reflecting on Brent’s GCSE and A Level results. I remember receiving my own results and now I am going through it with my children; the feeling of opening that envelope with no idea what lies inside is like no other!

We stand together

Following the result of last month’s referendum, I want to reassure our friends and neighbours who come from the EU that your current rights and protections stand today as they did last week.

A show of love in Brent

It’s been nearly three months since the Love Where You Live campaign launched in Brent and I’m really inspired by what I’ve seen so far.

Uniting against hate

In March I travelled to Bosnia with the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ in my role as Lead Member for ‘Stronger Communities’ in Brent. It was both a shocking and sobering visit. To learn about the horrors that happened in Srebrenica, just a two hour flight from London, is a powerful reminder of why we must reject those who practice the politics of division, intolerance and hate.