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Beating rogue landlords

I am pleased to announce that this week sees the launch of a new campaign to increase the uptake of our landlord licensing scheme. I have seen how rogue landlords make local tenants’ lives a misery and can cause a whole host of social problems in our area, including antisocial behaviour from overcrowded properties or overflowing bins.

Council budget agreed

After months of consultation with local residents across the borough, the council’s budget for 2016/17 was agreed last week. We have been able to freeze council tax bills for six years now while, at the same time, cutting council spending by £117 million as our government funding fell year after year.

It’s Time to Talk

Although my children are now grown up, I remember there were times when as a parent being concerned about them, especially when they were teenagers. I know many parents, sometimes hear things or read certain stories in the newspapers, and wonder if they’re doing enough and if their youngsters are safe.