Ealing Road Town Centre

Rubie Charalambous

“Ealing Road is a prime South Asian street which is iconic not only for London but in fact for all of the UK. Ealing Road – the Asian Jewel - is referred to by many as the heart of the UK Asian community. Shoppers from all over the UK and Western Europe visit Ealing Road to purchase  specialty Asian clothing which includes both event wear and every-day clothing, high end jewellery and traditional Asian food.”

Rubie Charalambous
Ealing Road Town Centre Manager

Area Information


Shopping - fashion and jewellery

For over 40 years businesses on Ealing Road have led the UK Asian markets in fashion, jewellery, and food & drink. Often referred to as ‘mini-India’ it is a true celebration of culture and community spirit. Ealing Road is one of the busiest roads in Greater London with peak time footfall of over 8000 people per hour.

Ealing Road library

Ealing Road library

Ealing Road Library will soon see one retail unit, one workspace unit and entertainment space on the site. With an annual footfall of 270,000, the library attracts visitors from far and wide who come to enjoy the diverse activities including English conversation classes, IT, and exercise classes. It also hosts seasonal events programmes including literary events, theatre shows, and other arts and culture activities.

Ealing Road Temple

Visiting - Ealing Road Temple

The architecture of the Shri Sanatan Hindu Temple in Wembley has impressed thousands with its dazzling decorative complexity since its  completion in 2010. Its intricately-carved bright sand-coloured walls and domes are established as an unmistakable landmark on Ealing Road.

Meet some local businesses

Rivaaz boutique

Rivaaz boutique

“Small businesses are the soul and character of our streets,” says Geeta Sarin, owner of Rivaaz Boutique on Ealing Road, Wembley. As an established business owner known for producing high quality customised garments, Geeta has to rely on her industry reputation when up against tough competition from chain stores. “Many of my orders come through referrals from happy customers, but we really rely on support of our local community too.”



Sakonis is a family owned and run restaurant specialising in vegetarian dishes from across India. The Sakonis brand started off as just that – one of the first fruit and veg market stalls and slowly grew to an internationally recognised brand representing homemade, fresh tasty vegetarian meals, fresh fruit juices, snacks and sweets.

Raj Jewels

Raj Jewels

Ealing Road is the ‘Hatton Garden’ of Brent and Raj Jewels has established an outstanding reputation for excellence in gold, diamond and platinum jewellery retail for over 25 years. Based in the heart of West London, Raj Jewels specialise in classical and contemporary designs on 22ct gold, white gold and platinum jewels.

Why base yourself on the Ealing Road

“Rivaaz was the first Asian boutique in the UK and Wembley has been an ideal home. Our principal and head designer Geeta Sarin enjoys a great reputation as a top designer whose talents are difficult to match in this competitive market. ”

Raj Sarin
Rivaaz boutique

Transport and logistics from Ealing Road

Rail links

Rail links

Couture Asian fashion, everyday wear, authentic cuisine and convenience stores are just a minute’s walk from both Wembley Central (Bakerloo line and Overground) and Alperton (Piccadilly line).

road routes

Road routes

Ealing Road is just a few kilometers from the A406 North Circular, connecting the town centre to the rest of London, and under 15 minutes from the M1 motorway.

International logistics

International logistics

Heathrow Airport and the Eurostar international terminal at Kings Cross St. Pancras are just 30 minutes away from Ealing Road.

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