Council services for businesses

Council services

Business rates

Information on who pays, how to pay and how rates are calculated.

License your business

Find the right licence for your business.

Tendering for council services

We advertise tenders for goods and services, providing organisations of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Property or land for sale and let

We have some commercial property and land for sale and rent.

Street trading

For trade on the street, car boot sales, leaflet distribution and placing tables and chairs outside.

Trading standards

Information on weights and measures, fair trading, age-restricted products and the licensing of fireworks and explosives. 

Pest control

We can get rid of vermin from your property.

Food hygiene and safety

Find out everything you need to know about food hygiene and health and safety for your food business.

Planning and building control

Information on building work or alterations to your premise.

Health and safety in the work place

What you need to know to ensure your staff are safe in the work place.

Business parking permits

A business permit enables the permit holder to park in a business bay or permit holder bay within the zone identified on the permit.

Emergency planning

Ensure your business has a continuity plan in place.

Advertising and sponsorship

Advertise in The Brent Magazine or sponsor an event or roundabout.

Filming in Brent

Find film locations and arrange parking.

Fairtrade in Brent

We are a Fairtrade borough. See how you can help us keep this status.

Services we don't offer

Collection of commercial waste and recycling

It is your responsibility to dispose of waste including recycling.