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Business networking

Meet Up

Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups, search those within and close to Brent.

Business Network International (BNI) Stadium Chapter

BNI Stadium Chapter is a group of business professionals from the Harrow, Wembley and surrounding areas who actively help each other to generate business opportunities.

North West London Chamber of Commerce

Helping businesses within Brent and Harrow be more successful.

Find Networking Events

Business networking events, clubs, workshops, seminars and shows happening locally.

The Food Club

Formed in 1996, The Food Club is London's premier food networking and support club.

West London

Representing SMEs through to large multi-national corporations.

Construction Line

Constructionline is a public-private partnership between Capita and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.

Enterprise Nation

Get face-to-face expert advice, meet other business owners and would-be entrepreneurs.

British Library Business & IP Centre

Network in the centre or online and use their dedicated wiki to find lists of networks in London for entrepreneurs and SMEs.