Become a Living Wage Employer


The London Living Wage is an independently set, voluntary hourly rate of pay. It represents the minimum amount an employee needs to earn to provide a decent standard of living for themselves and their family.

We are proud to have been an accredited London Living Wage employer through the Living Wage Foundation since November 2013.

We are offering other businesses in Brent a range of incentives to encourage them to become accredited London Living Wage employers too.

This will not only help to raise living standards for Brent residents, but will also allow Brent employers to experience the many business benefits that accreditation brings.

Our incentives package includes the first business rates discount in the UK for accredited Living Wage Employers in the borough.

We are also offering a range of other exciting incentives, which you can find listed under the Accreditations and benefits tab above.

The infographic below shows why the London Living Wage is important.

London Living Wage



Accreditation and benefits

The benefits

The Living Wage doesn’t only benefit employees; there are some significant proven benefits for your business by becoming an accredited London Living Wage employer.

Research shows that:

  • 80 per cent of employers believe that the Living Wage has enhanced the quality of the work of their staff
  • 70 per cent of employers feel that the Living Wage has increased consumer awareness of their organisation’s commitment to being an ethical employer
  • 66 per cent of employers report positive impacts on recruitment and retention
  • employers can expect 25 per cent fall in absenteeism of contract staff.

(Source: Living Wage Foundation)

As well as these benefits, we offer London Living Wage employers in Brent a range of additional incentives, including a business rates discount worth five times your London Living Wage employer accreditation fee.

These benefits include:

  • a business rates discount
  • 15 per cent off membership with West London Business, one of London’s largest Chambers of Commerce
  • one free trade stall at Brent Civic Centre
  • free advertising in the Brent Business newsletter
  • a free one hour one-to-one business advice session with business consultancy Branduin
  • a visit from a senior Brent councillor for a photo call
  • a congratulations message on the Brent Civic Centre screens
  • invitations to London Living Wage events.

Accreditation Fee Structure 2018

Organisation typeSize of organisationAnnual Charge
Private sector ≥ 501 £3,000
251≤ 500 £480
51 ≤ 250 £240
11 ≤ 50 £120
≤ 10 £60
Charity and Public sector ≥251 £480
51 ≤ 250 £240
11 ≤ 50 £120
≤ 10 £60

How to become accredited

You can become an accredited employer through the Living Wage Foundation by agreeing to pay both your directly employed staff and contacted staff at least the Living Wage.

If you cannot do this straight away due to existing contracts, you can put a timetable in place showing when all you contracted staff will be moved onto the London Living Wage.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a London Living Wage employer, please email

You can also express your interest directly to the Living Wage Foundation by filling in their contact form.

Accredited employers

We have been an accredited London Living Wage employer since November 2013 and would like to offer our congratulations to the following accredited employers in Brent:

Are you an accredited Brent employer but not listed here? Let us know so we can celebrate your accreditation. Please get in touch by emailing

Want to know what it’s like to be a Brent Living Wage employer?

Jackie Peacock from Advice4Renters talks about who has benefited the most now they are a Living Wage employer.

Brent Mencap are a Living Wage employer

Point 6 Design are a Living Wage employer


Frequently asked questions

Do employers have to pay the Living Wage rates by law?

The Living Wage is a voluntary higher rate of base pay. It provides a benchmark for responsible employers who choose to pay more than the National Minimum Wage.

Who does the Living Wage apply to?

The Living Wage applies to all staff who work regularly on your premises. The exact definition is those who work two or more hours a day for eight or more consecutive weeks of the year. The Living Wage does not apply to contractors on the supply side e.g. stationary suppliers.

It is recommended as best practice to communicate your Living Wage commitment to everyone you do business with, and encourage them to consider implementing the Living Wage.

Which ages does the Living Wage apply to?

The Living Wage applies to everyone over the age of 18.

What is the accreditation process?

The accreditation comes from the Living Wage Foundation, not from Brent Council directly. The accreditation is a signed licence between the Living Wage Foundation and the employer. In order to be accredited you must pay all your directly employed staff the Living Wage and have a plan in place for contracted staff such as catering, cleaning, security, parks or ground staff.

What is phased implementation?

Phased implementation means that the Living Wage is rolled out across third party contracts over time, as the contracts come up for renewal. These contracts are included in the licence agreement as 'milestones'. The Foundation will check in with you periodically to ensure the milestones are on track.

How long does the accreditation process take?

It varies according to the size of your organisation and according to the types of contracts you have. Some employers can sign up straight away; others may have a project of work to do to identifying which contracts are relevant and when they are due for renewal. Large organisations can often be accredited within six months. 

How much does it costs to be accredited?

The cost varies according to the size of your organisation. Please see the table under the ‘Accreditation and benefits’ tab.

How can I claim my business rates discount from Brent Council?

As soon as you receive accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation, they will contact us to let us know. We will then get in contact with you to check a few details and apply the discount automatically to your business rates account. You can also email us directly at to let us know you’ve gained accreditation.

How much is the discount?

The discount is worth five times the amount you pay to the Living Wage Foundation to become an accredited employer, which depends on the number of staff your business employs. Please see the table under the ‘Accreditation and benefits’ tab.

Are charities, voluntary and public sector organisations eligible for the discount?

Yes they are, even if they receive another business rates discount.

What other benefits will I receive when I become an accredited London Living Wage employer in Brent?

We are in the process of designing a wider package of exciting incentives to support and reward employers who choose to become accredited London Living Wage employers.

We are keen to hear from employers about the kind of useful resources for your business that you would like to see this package of incentives include. Tell us by completing this short survey, and we will take all your ideas into consideration.

If you have any more questions, please email