Tenders and contracts

We are the largest employer in Brent and provide a wide range of services to residents from street lighting, to emptying bins and providing care for people in residential homes.

Annually, we spend in excess of £400 million on buying goods, works and services. Smaller value contracts are generally managed by individual departments and larger value contracts (above the EU thresholds) are generally managed by the Corporate Procurement Unit.

All buying is done through fair and transparent procurement processes to ensure the most economically advantageous outcomes. It is not down to 'who you know' as to whether you will be successful, nor is it a least cost only decision.

It is about value for money.

All suppliers are treated equally and assessed on the merits of their tender submissions. Working with us may provide relevant experience to then enable you to go on to work with other public sector organisations, providing a foothold into new markets.

When working with us, the basis of the relationship clearly defines (usually in the form of a contract) what our expectations are of suppliers, in short, to ensure high standards of service at the best possible value.

We have terms and conditions  of contract that are reasonable and achievable.


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