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Occupational health

We have a legal duty to enforce the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Act requires the council to make sure work premises are safe for employees, visitors and neighbours.

Accidents should be prevented, where possible, by the proper management of risks.

We will:

  • visit workplaces where high-risk activities take place to make sure they meet health and safety requirements
  • investigate appropriate accidents in the workplace
  • license premises that offer special treatments such as massage or body piercing
  • advise other council departments and organisations about health and safety at public events with entertainment
  • work with planning and building control officers to advise on the health and safety of new developments
  • help direct customers, businesses and health professionals on where to obtain health and safety advice
  • carry out programmed and unannounced inspections of workplaces
  • keep you fully informed of the progress made with your enquiry or complaint
  • offer you a speedy, friendly, effective and correct response by telephone and email.

Making a complaint about health and safety

Please contact us if you wish to raise an issue relating to dangerous activity in the workplace that could potentially cause a major accident resulting in loss of life or limb in a workplace. If you make a complaint about a workplace, we will require your name, address and contact details so we can keep you informed of our progress.

Some workplaces, such as construction sites and manufacturing businesses, will be the responsibility of the Health and Safety Executive rather than the council. Full details on who holds responsibility for each type of workplace can be found on the Health and Saftey Executive website.