Approve a premises for civil marriage or partnership ceremonies


Application details coming soon.


You can apply to have a premises in Brent used for civil marriages and civil partnerships.

The application must be made by the proprietor or trustee of the premises. When the application is made on behalf of a limited company or partnership a separate statement of the names and addresses of all the directors/partners must be provided.

The applicant should:

  1. ensure that planning consent for the premises does not preclude this change of use
  2. ensure that the premises has no recent or continuing connection with any religion or religious practice
  3. complete the form
  4. include three copies of a floor plan showing the room(s) in which it is intended that marriages will take place
  5. include the full fee payable for certifying premises for marriage

The premises will be inspected for suitability, and any approval granted will be for a three year period, subject to revocation.