Environmental permit application, surrender, transfer and variation

Businesses including dry cleaners, furniture manufactures, petrol stations and industrial-scale spray painting facilities need to apply for environmental pollution permits.

We regulate vehicle respraying, furniture manufacture, dry cleaning, coating manufacturers and vehicle fuelling.

How to apply

Please email ens.monitoring@brent.gov.uk to request an application form for any of the following licences and permits:

  • Application to register a 'polluting industry' business 
  • Environmental permit application surrender 
  • Environmental permit application transfer  
  • Environmental permit application variation
  • Environmental permit application for re-spraying road vehicles

Other environmental permits

  • installations
  • medium combustion plant
  • specified generator
  • waste or mining waste operations
  • work on or near a main river or sea defence.

heck if you need an environmental permit and find more information.