Special beauty treatment licence application

Includes forms 2, 3 and 3a - forms to be filled in depending on the professional body to which you belong.

Download the: Special treatment licence application form

Form 2 - application for exemption from special treatments licence

This exemption application form is for members of accepted Professional Bodies that want to administer special treatments in this borough. Exemptions will only be granted for authorised treatments to bona fide members of the bodies listed

Download the: Application for exemption from special treatments licence form 

Accepted exempt professional bodies

Download a list of the professional bodies considered exemptfrom the need for a special treatments licence.  

Some beauty treatments require a special licence. If you operate a special treatment premises in Brent, you may require a special treatment premises licence from us. Special treatments include: massage, manicure, acupuncture, tattooing, cosmetic piercing, chiropody, light, vapour, sauna or other baths. See a full list of special treatmentsThis list is not exhaustive.

Contact us if you are unsure as to whether the treatment you intend to offer requires a licence.

Licence applications

An application for a renewal, variation or new licence must be submitted 35 days before treatments are first offered/advertised (or an existing licence is due to expire) together with:

  • the fees
  • qualification certificates
  • the results of a Criminal Records Check for all named persons on the application

Licences remain in force for one year.

During the assessment process the fire service is consulted, criminal records results are considered, every qualification certificate received is checked for authenticity and an inspection of the premises is carried out for all new and high risk premises.

Important notice

Special Treatment Licence applications without the appropriate Training Certificates will not be accepted by this department.

If applications are not received with the appropriate documents your licence application will be returned to you. If this occurs and your current licence expires, you will be trading without a Special Treatment Licence and in accordance with the legislation, enforcement action will be taken if you are found to be administering or advertising treatments.

Please be advised that any amendments to the Licence prior to its next renewal will be deemed as a Variation of your licence which will incur an additional fee per application.

A variation application will need to be submitted with this additional cost

Risk categories

Special treatments have been categorised by the Council according to their potential risk of harm to the client and/or practitioner.

CategorySpecial treatment type
Exhibition Special Treatment Exhibitions
A Laser, Intense Pulse Light
B Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Body-piercing, Massage, Semi-permanent make-up, Shiatsu, Tattooing
C Beauty treatments, Chiropody, Electrolysis, Floatation, Pedicure, Reflexology, Sauna, Sunbeds
D Manicure, Ear-piercing, Nose-piercing

Eligibility criteria

We may refuse an application for a licence on any of the following grounds:

  • The premises is not structurally suitable for the purpose
  • There is a likelihood of a nuisance being caused in the area due to the premises
  • The premises is not managed by a fit and proper person
  • The persons giving the treatments are not suitably qualified
  • The premises was or is being improperly conducted
  • The premises does not have satisfactory means of lighting, sanitation and ventilation
  • The means of heating the premises is not safe
  • Precautions against fire on the premises is not satisfactory
  • The safety of the equipment being used is not satisfactory
  • The safety of the treatment being given is not satisfactory
  • Suitable means of escape in case of fire is not provided
  • Suitable means for fire fighting are not provided
  • You have been convicted of an offence
  • You have failed to comply with the law

Useful guidelines

Full list of special treatments
Anthroposphical Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine
Bio Skin Jetting
Body Massage
Body Piercing
Body Talk
Bowen Technique
Chiropody/Podiatry (If state registered, a licence is not required)
Chiropractic (If state registered, a licence is not required)
Colour Therapy
Detox Box
Dry Needling
Electrolysis (Hair Removal)
Advanced Electrolysis (Moles, Warts, Skin Tags)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Facials (inc peels)
Facial Steamers
Fairbane Method/Tangent Method
Fish Therapy
Floatation Tank
Foot Detox
Grinberg Method
Gyratory Massage
High Frequency
Holistic Massage
Hot Air Massage
Indian Head Massage
Infra Red
Ken Eyerman Technique
Kirilian Photography
Korean Hand Therapy
Lasers/Intense Pulse Light
Lumi Lift/Lumi Facials
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Marma Therapy
Meta Aromatherapy
Metamorphic Technique
Micro Current Therapy (Non surgical face lifts)
Microdermal Anchors
N.A.E.T (Namripad Allergy Elimination Technique)
Nail Extensions
No Hands Massage
Osteopathy (If state registered, a licence is not required)
Oxygen Therapy - (Oxygen Bars only)
Physiotherapy (If state registered, a licence is not required)
Polarity Therapy
Qi Gong
Reiki (if carried out in conjunction with massage)
Scenar Therapy
Sclerotherapy (By Medical Practitioners Only)
Semi Permanent Make Up
Sports/Remedial Massage
Steam Room/Bath
Stone Therapy
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
Tattoo Removal
Thai Massage
Therapeutic/Holistic Massage
Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candle) (If carried out with a facial massage)
Trichology (If carried out with a head massage)
Ultra Sonic
Ultra Violet Tanning (Sunbeds)