Licence fees

 An A-Z of fees for permits, registrations and licences:

Please note - payments can only be accepted by cheque (or electronically when applying online).

Licensing functionNewRenewal fee
Alcohol and entertainment Premises licence and club premises certificate
Personal licence 
Temporary event notice
Hypnotism performance permit
Go to the alcohol and entertainment fees information page for the full details of costs
Animal licensing Animal boarding establishments £275 £275
Dangerous wild animals £312 £312*
Performing animals £275  £275
Copy of performing animals certificate £37  
Pet shop £200 £200
Breeding of dogs £297 £297
Riding establishment    
Auction Registration of premises £335  
Notification of auction    
Cadaver certificate (3 working days’ notice)  £63.80  
Cadaver certificate (urgent next day service)  £124.30  
Film permits   From £95 - full filming fees
Film classification (local film festivals) £15 per 15 minutes or part thereof (of the film)
Fireworks/explosives Registration - standard period £109  £54
Licence (Over 250 KG) - standard period £185  £86
Licence all year round £500 £500
Food destruction certificate £242
Food Export Health Certificates (3 working days) £65**  
Food Export Health Certificates (urgent next day service) £125**  
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) rating re-assessment £286
Food premises registration no fee
Freezer breakdown certificate  £242
Gambling fees (casino, bingo, betting premises etc)  Download the Gambling Act 2005 fee sheet 
Hypnotism performance permit £75
Local Land Charges rejected searches £30
Leaflet distribution Application fee £198  
Daily charges  £78 per person per day  
Distribution between 6pm and 8am £110 per person per day  
Sundays and bank holidays  £165 per person per day  
Amendment fee  £75  
Marriage and civil partnership premises approval See the approved marriage premises application fee information
Mini bus permits  £77  
Motor salvage operators certification  £114  
Certified copy of motor salvage register entry  £13  
Occasional sales stalls or pitches (not educational establishments) £197 plus £10 for each stall per day  
Occasional sales stalls or pitches (educational establishments) £89 plus £5 for each stall or pitch  
Parking bay suspension £15 a day (£10 admin fee)  
£25 cancellation  
Parking dispensation £10 single yellow  
£20 double yellow  
£20 additional fee with less than 3 days  
Parking permits See a full list of parking permit fees 
Poisons Act licence £50
Pool water analysis single pool £220
Pool water analysis double pool £412
Schools Drinking Water Samplingg £530
Schools Legionella Water Sampling £1585
Environmental permits Fees specified by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - visit the Defra website for more information and view the Defra industrial emissions charges pdf list
Riding establishments  £458 £458
Scrap metal dealers  Contact us  
Sex establishments  £360 £360
Special treatments exhibition including any treatment from categories B, C or D £1,300 plus £95 per company administering £96
Special treatments - lasers (Cat A) £825
Special treatments - massage, acupuncture, tattooing etc (cat B) £670
Special treatments - beauty treatments, etc (Cat C) £400
Special treatments - manicure, nose and ear piercing, etc (Cat D) £220
Special treatments - licence variation including addition or change of therapist £115
Sunday trading loading consent  £247  
Street trading New licence  £81.50 £40
Temporary licence  £177  
Alterations  £55  
Daily fee  £3 per sq. metre  
Monthly fee (For display only outside licensed shops)  £91  
Administration fee per monthly invoice (for non-standing orders) £5  
Non-payment charge (for an invoice overdue by more than 28 days) £10  
Streetworks licence (for excavations up to 0.9 metres deep) £200  
Streetworks licence (for excavations deeper than 0.9 metres deep) £550  
Streetworks licence (for excavations over 1.5 metres deep) £1600  
Weighbridge operator no fee  

All charges are subject to change without notice.

*Vets fees are additional

**Charges shown are for treatments paid in full by debit or credit card at the time of booking. All other payment methods incur an additional £2 booking charge.