Age-restrictive sales

Are you aware of how many goods cannot be sold to children?
Some of them are detailed below with the age restriction that applies.

Cigarettes, cigarette papers, rolling machines and other tobacco products 18 and over
Knives 18 and over
Fireworks 18 and over
Alcohol 18 and over
Solvents and butane 18 and over
National lottery tickets and scratch cards 16 and over
Aerosol paints 16 and over
Age restricted videos, CDs, DVDs, games and magazines Various ages

We use child volunteers to conduct checks on shops, to see whether they sell these goods to under age children. The checks are carried out using strict national guidelines.

If you know of any shops selling these types of products to children then please tell us.

Brent and Harrow Trading Standards is a partnership between Harrow Council and Brent Council.