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Primary Authority Membership - long term support across all areas of business

We want to assist businesses to grow by providing reassurance that your products, procedures and systems are correct enabling you to invest and trade with full confidence.

We are more than happy to discuss providing you with a long term support service offering detailed advice, tailored to your business, across the full range of consumer laws including food and health and safety advice, via a Primary Authority Partnership.

A Primary Authority Partnership is a statutory scheme, established by the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008. It encourages local authorities to offer businesses quality and reliable regulatory advice.

There is a cost  for advice received under a primary authority partnership membership agreement.

Advantages of Primary Authority Membership

1. Having access to helpful and informative advice to provide you with a better understanding of your legal responsibilities from a regulatory officer who knows your business, what it does and how you operate so as to avoid unnecessary burdens on your trading activities. When required, advice will be provided in writing.

2. Where possible, dedicated officers will be assigned to work with and get to know your business. Officers will co-ordinate enquiries from other local authorities or regulators.

3. Demonstrating to your customers, employees, contractors and potential new sources of business that you work in partnership with regulators and that you are committed to ensuring high standards of compliance with relevant legislation.

4. Achieve better regulation for your business at local level by providing consistency across any branches or outlets you have based across different council boundaries.

5. Avoiding inconsistent interpretation of legislation varying requirements and standards with from different regulators which cause your business unnecessary costs and the need for different procedures regionally.

6. Through the Primary Authority Partnership scheme your business has access to reliable information based on a detailed understanding of your operations. It prevents inconsistent interpretation of regulations and applies regardless of where stores, factories or offices are based or products are sold.

7. Tailor-made inspection plans so regulators check compliance with areas you would find helpful and avoid inspecting procedures which the Primary Authority partnership has agreed are robust and operate effectively.

8. Other services can be provided by agreement under the Primary Authority partnership such as staff training, audits, site visits and reviews of policies, procedures and business systems.

If you are interested in joining the scheme please fill out the online enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

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Jason Proctor of Aerozone Trading Company endorses the Primary Authority Partnership he has with us saying:

‘I find  the Primary Authority scheme is an invaluable service for my business. The speed and prompt advice I receive from an expert, single point of contact giving accurate advice five days a week is invaluable. The partnership helped me run my business with confidence providing the ability to trade anywhere in the UK with the knowledge my products have been checked which is a massive advantage. I recommend this service to any business who wants to save a lot of expense on their usual solicitors and other legal specialists’.

Limited specific advice

We can offer you limited more in-depth advice specifically tailored to your business needs. This can be done face to face at our office, at your business premises or via phone or email. It is sometimes necessary for us to inspect goods or spend time at your business in order to gain a full understanding of your objectives and to satisfy ourselves that you are trading in full compliance with the law.

Our small team is made up of experienced and qualified officers who can help you to ensure your business complies with the law so you can spend less time researching and trying to understand or interpret legislation and more time maximising your profits!

Common areas of advice we are asked to provide

  • Can you help make sure electrical goods, toys or furniture are safe to sell?
  • What information has to be provide if you trade on a website?
  • What do I have to let customers know about when selling second hand cars?
  • What cancellation period do I have to give consumers?
  • How must I display the prices for goods and when can I advertise discounted or sale prices?
  • Are you using the right terms in your contract?
  • How do I prevent underage sales taking place?
  • What fees can I charge as a letting agent?
  • Is my advertising correct?
  • What notices or legal information do I have to display in my shop?
  • What can be done about a competitor business who is trading unfairly?

If you need advice from us that can not be provided by using the business self help guides, please contact us.

Self help advice

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute’s Business Companion provides information for traders or all types regardless of size understand and comply with legislation. Guidance is divided up into quick guides and each one contains a number of more detailed in-depth guides so suit the level of detail you require.

Business Companion is a self-service resource containing impartial free information which is backed by government. If you would prefer to talk to somebody, then see the more detailed advice link on that website.