Weights and measures

We are responsible for making sure all weighing and measuring equipment used by businesses is accurate.

This can be anything from a beer glass, to supermarket scales or petrol pumps.

Customers take it for granted that when they fill their vehicles up with fuel, they are getting the amount that is displayed on the petrol pump or when they use the scales to pay for lose fruit and veg in the supermarket, that the weight it reads is correct.

We carry out checks and follow up complaints to make sure consumers receive the right amount every time they buy something that is weighed or measured.

Verifying your equipment

Before weighing and measuring equipment can be used  for trade, and again after repairs or adjustment, it has to be tested and a verification mark applied and calibration or adjustment sealed.

This is known as verification. We are authorised to carry out EC verifications of weighing machines and petrol pumps, not only in Brent and Harrow but throughout the UK.

We have a laboratory in which we test the weights and measures used for our inspections.  

We also carry out tests for other Trading Standards Services and for private businesses.

If you are a business, then contact us for details of the services we provide.