Cleaner Brent smartphone app

Cleaner Brent app updated

There is a new version of the app available for download. The app is now easier and quicker to use and also lets you tell us about things you love about Brent; which are shared with other users of the app.

The Cleaner Brent app makes it easy to report litter, illegal rubbish dumping, and other problems in streets, parks and cemeteries to us using your smartphone.

You will receive confirmation that the event has been reported and confirmation when the report is closed.

You may receive an email advising that your report has been closed, but the rubbish is still there. This normally means that the waste you reported is on private land.

This waste will not be cleared automatically by our contractor. Instead, the details will be passed to our waste enforcement team to investigate. It is the responsibility of the land owner to clear waste in these instances.

You will need to make sure your phone GPS or location service settings are enabled for the app to work. Use of the app will be dependent on mobile phone network coverage in each area. Please contact your network provider for further information.

So help us convict illegal rubbish dumpers by downloading and using the app today.

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What you can report using this app

  • Graffiti
  • Illegal rubbish dumping - Discarded items next to a road, in parks or cemeteries and in rivers
  • Fly-posting - Adverts illegally posted on public properties
  • A street that needs sweeping
  • A grit bin that is empty and needs filling
  • Dog fouling
  • Dead Animals
  • Grass that needs cutting - in verges or in parks or cemeteries
  • Shrubs that need pruning or weeding
  • Litter bins that need emptying (in streets, parks or cemeteries)
  • Potholes
  • Broken or damaged manhole cover
  • Faded White Lines
  • Broken or damaged pavements and kerbs
  • Broken or damaged bollards and guardrails
  • Damaged or missing street furniture
  • Damaged or missing street signs
  • Blocked gully (both flooded and non-flooded)
  • Damaged or missing drain cover
  • Low hanging branches
  • Damaged or dead tree
  • Overgrown highway tree
  • Overgrown private tree
  • Tree stump removal requests


Cleaner Brent app updated