Noisy neighbour complaints hit all time high

1 May 2020


Noisy neighbour complaints across Brent are at an all-time high ever since lockdown began.

There were almost 300 complaints made on-line since April 1st, which is a 92% per cent rise compared to this month last year. Officers also have over 200 noise recordings to assess.

Noise control teams have been dealing with hundreds of complaints throughout April, over loud music, conversations, children and construction noise.

The number of noise complaints is unprecedented and the Council is now urging residents to be patient while cases are looked into as soon as possible.

The usual way to investigate these noise complaints has been affected by the COVID-19 restrictions, which aim to stop the spread of the virus.

Officers have not been allowed to enter into the properties and speak to residents to get a good idea about what the issues are, how intrusive the noise is, and assess what can be done about it.

Councillor Tom Miller, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement, reassured residents and said: “We understand how hard it is for residents at the moment and we will do our utmost to ensure that those who make the lives of others miserable through disrespectful noise pollution, are dealt with effectively and swiftly.

“But at the moment we are dealing with unprecedented numbers of noise complaints and many of our teams are already stretched with the urgent issues that COVID-19 has presented.

“We will, however, ensure that cases which require our immediate attention are dealt with as swiftly as possible to minimise any further stress to our residents.”

Brent residents can download The Noise App to help them collect evidence.

For more information visit:

To download the app: Noise App website.