Together towards zero: Cabinet approves Brent’s 10-year climate strategy

7 April 2021

Cleaner air, healthier travel, warmer homes, greener spaces, and a thriving local economy. These are the benefits set out in Brent’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy, which was approved yesterday by the council’s Cabinet.

The 10-year plan sets out how the council will strive towards “net zero” carbon emissions and is accompanied by new funding, as well as a Year 1 delivery plan. It has been developed over the past year in close consultation with residents, from the Brent Climate Assembly through to the recent consultation process on a draft version.

In the same session, Cabinet approved a £3.3 million scheme to make the necessary energy efficiency improvements to civic buildings including libraries, sports and day centres. Improvements will include a range of measures, such as better insulation, improved glazing and low carbon technology, to help cut carbon emissions from heating.

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Brent Civic Centre lit up green