Running good vibes

6 December 2017

The act of giving is beneficial to both the receiver and the giver, according to the people at GoodGym.

By showing generosity, you can actively reduce your own stress levels, improve your overall wellbeing and even prolong your life, being charitable can give you a greater sense of belonging.

“Many of our runners join the GoodGym, because they feel isolated,” explains GoodGym’s Alex Kenmure.

“By connecting with elderly people and other runners, our team build confidence and resilience, discover new members of their society and enjoy the social elements of giving back.”

Alex also volunteers as a runner for the good gym, which means that he runs weekly to visit an elderly woman.

“I’ve learnt so much from her – she used to be an actress and is very extroverted, while I’m a shy kind of guy,” he explains.

“These runs have given me a great sense of purpose - it’s now a part of who I am.”

Ellie Hutch, GoodGym’s Brent-based trainer, says that she always feels elevated after doing something for the greater good in an active way.

“London can be quite a selfish city with an urgent energy, which makes it all the more important to do something for others,” she says.

“I always see a wonderful sense of community among our runners and the joy they get from doing something that really matters.”

Not only is giving back a great way to meet new people, but studies show that we’re able to alleviate depression, prolong our life and strengthen our hearts by interacting with others in a meaningful way.

From Fryent Country Park to Roundwood Park, Brent GoodGym runners pound the streets helping those most in need. They’re always up for welcoming new runners, so if you’re interested in getting fit and giving back to your community visit
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