Help us go bananas for Fairtrade on 3 March 2014

Did you know that buying cheap bananas in the UK can lead to poverty-level wages and unacceptable working and living conditions for farmers and farm workers in the developing world?

Join us on Monday, 3 March, at a Fairtrade event being run in partnership with the Brent Fairtrade Network to find out how buying Fairtrade products can help farmers and farm workers in the developing world get a fair deal.

Between 12pm and 2pm in the grand exhibition area on the ground floor of the civic centre a Colombian banana producer will be sharing her experiences in the banana trade. There will also be a short film shown about the banana trade and an interview with a representative from a local Brent Fairtrade supermarket.

Please support this important event to raise awareness about how buying Fairtrade makes a real difference to the lives of those in the developing world.