COVID recovery budget agreed by council

23 February 2021

With the impact of COVID-19 costing the council an estimated £44m* and with more than £174m lost from the council’s budget over the last decade, the challenge of balancing the budget has never been greater.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, Deputy Leader for Brent Council, said: “The government has yet to deliver on its promise to fully fill the funding gap caused by the pandemic. The services we provide make a massive difference to peoples’ lives, whether it’s collecting people’s bins or looking after a vulnerable resident in care – if we can help, we will in our resident’s time of need.

“This budget will allow us to respond to whatever the pandemic throws at us – and support our recovery plans for better times ahead”

View the final budget for 2021/22 (agenda item 6).

*The COVID-19 estimated cost of £44m is the combination of additional expenditure incurred due to the pandemic and the loss of income that the council had planned to receive to fund services.