Families move into new council homes in South Kilburn

5 February 2021

Just before Christmas, 59 council tenants and households, including those in temporary accommodation, started to move in to their new permanent council homes on the former site of Gloucester House and Durham Court, in South Kilburn.

Over the next few weeks, 24 families will move in, with 152 more joining them in the coming months.

It’s been just over a year since these new homes were voted for by local residents in a resident ballot, which was part of a new initiative from the Mayor of London. The ballot gave local people the final say on the future of their neighbourhoods. There was a record turnout of 72%, with 84% of residents voting yes.

Since the programme started in 2018, Brent Council has completed 255 new council homes. The households who moved into these permanent homes include:

  • 64 households who have been able to move out of temporary accommodation

  • 58 council tenants who were assisted into new homes due to issues such as overcrowding, under occupation, management transfer, permanent decant or medical reasons.

With a further 586 currently on site and 332 in the delivery pipeline, the council is well on track to exceed its target of building 1,000 new council homes by 2024. Like many places, Brent has a chronic shortage of social housing and this programme will result in fewer families having to spend time in temporary accommodation.

The new homes have been built on infill and mixed development sites and the council continues to explore opportunities for development.

Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Housing and Welfare Reform, said: “I’m immensely proud of Brent leading the way in London for the number of new council homes built each year. It’s great news that we will be exceeding our ambitious target of 1,000 new council homes. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of safe, secure homes. Almost 2,000 families are in urgent need of homes with the number likely to increase following the end to the ban on evictions. There is obviously much more to do if we are to make housing universally affordable, readily available; and of the highest possible standard – but for now, I am happy for residents moving into their brand new secure and stable homes.”

New tenant, Miss Karolina Jurex said: “I was living in one-bed temporary accommodation for eight years with my son. He is autistic and now seven-years old. When the council offered me my new home, I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. I cried for a week. We moved in a few months ago. It’s brilliant! Our home is beautiful, clean and warm. It’s a dream house and I love it! My son has his own room and is very happy.”

Mr Shaban Sindy, who recently moved in to his two-bedroom flat with wife and two kids aged 7 and 5 said: “We were living in temporary accommodation for almost 10 years. We have been living out of boxes for with the hope to move somewhere more settled.

“When we were offered our new council home, we were so happy. Our prayers were answered. It is still like a dream. The kids are very happy, they have their room and they can put their things away. They didn’t have to move school and be disrupted, I’m so grateful.”