Apprenticeship webinars help to Keep Brent Working

16 February 2021

More than 400 people turned up to last week’s series of Brent Works webinars as the council continues to look towards economic recovery across the borough.

One of the most popular events was the Skill’s Summit with more than 120 people attending to hear industry experts talk about the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy, and learn about the apprenticeship opportunities available in Brent.

Cllr Thomas Stephens, Lead Member for Education, Business, Employment and Skills who spoke at events throughout the week, said: “Our aim is to help give local residents and businesses the skills they need to thrive as we emerge from lockdown. Brent has much to offer in terms of apprenticeships and employment opportunities across sectors over the coming months and years. Brent Works is here to support people of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to succeed in the regrowth of our economy.”

Almost 300 people logged into various sessions as part of the Brent Works webinar series during National Apprenticeship Week. These included workshops by TFL, the Met Police, HS2, Discovery Channel and by experts from the construction, tech, health and social care, and youth and creative media sectors.

Residents of all ages were given information on how to apply, where to apply and the myths surrounding apprenticeships. At the Brent and HS2 event, attendees learned about thousands of jobs and more than 2,000 apprenticeships available as part of the development.

Martin Kerem, co-founder of local creative agency, Genium, and a Brent Business board member, said: “The Skills Summit was a fantastic platform to connect with other local businesses and share insights and recovery strategies. Businesses in Brent are facing a number of challenges and, hopefully, they now have some useful advice and support.”

Patricia King, TFL’s skills and employment delivery advisor, said: “TfL were delighted to take part in the Skills Summit which provided a valuable opportunity to share details of our exciting apprenticeship vacancies with colleagues from across Brent working closely with potential candidates.”