Making Brent’s website better

15 July 2014

Improving the user experience of our website is a critical part of making our online services as accessible as possible for you.

We want your help to understand what works, and what needs to be improved, by conducting some user testing. This involves various structured searches on our website using multiple navigation methods:

  • keyword search
  • google search
  • the A-Z
  • navigation through logical clicks.

We want to hear what you think!

So, if you have views on our website, and want to help make positive improvements, test our website at

Once registered, select 'Brent Council' to start your tests.

Each test takes around four minutes to complete. And if you get carried away, you are more than welcome to complete more than one test - it can become addictive!

What does a 'test' involve?

Each test will ask you to find a particular service - such as "how to apply for a blue badge" or "how to register a birth". You will be asked to find this information via a selection of routes such as using the 'keyword search' (the search bar on the website) or by navigating through the site (from the homepage) and then ranking how easy it was to complete the task.

The following tests are not relevant to us: "complain about a taxi driver" or "apply for a taxi licence".

Testing is anonymous and the test site also allows you to provide additional feedback on the tests - all constructive comments will be very welcome.

We will be running this test from today (9 July) until Thursday 31 July for this project, however testing via this method and adding your comments would still be gratefully received after this date.

Thank you in advance to everyone who can spare a few minutes to help us with this testing.

Your input will help ensure our services are accessible to all those who live and work in Brent, and improve the website for all our users.