Private Fostering Week: Monday 7 to Friday 11 July 2014

4 July 2014

Raising awareness about looking after someone's child.

Have you, or someone you know made an arrangement to look after someone else's child for more than a month?

If so, that could be private fostering.

We have a responsibility to ensure that all children in Brent are being cared for properly and carers are supported. If you know of, or are caring for a child who is being privately fostered please let us know.

Private fostering arrangements are made for all types of reasons:

  • parents are in hospital for an extended period
  • parents are in prison
  • parents separating, divorcing or undergoing a family crisis
  • child or young person has been sent to the UK to stay with you because of concerns over safety, education or quality of life
  • parents have gone overseas for an extended period to visit relatives, deal with a family crisis or work
  • young person is in a relationship with your own teenager.

If you or someone you know are planning to look after a child or young person, you are required to inform the Brent Placements Service at least six weeks before the child comes to live with you.

If they have already moved, then you must contact us immediately. Read more about private fostering.