Council seeks views on extension of street drinking powers

21 July 2020

Brent residents are being asked to come forward and have their say on plans to extend the council’s powers to curb street drinking for a further three years.

The existing powers under the borough-wide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), introduced in 2017, expires in October later this year and the council have launched a consultation to extend the order, as required under law.

Under the PSPO, any person is ‘prohibited from consuming alcohol or having an open alcohol container in public spaces in the borough’ at any time.

Anyone caught doing so by the police or the council could face an on-the-spot fine or even end up with a criminal conviction.

Cllr Tom Miller, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement, said:

“The PSPO was introduced to tackle the anti-social behaviour that blights the lives of others, but we also ensure that those street drinkers who are vulnerable and fallen on tough times can access the help and support they need to turn their lives around.

“With reports of anti-social behaviour related to street drinking decreasing over the past two years, the figures show the positive impact that taking this approach has had, which is why we’re proposing extending the order for a further three years.

“We’re keen to hear of the experiences of our residents and get their views, before the decision is made on whether this is something the council should continue doing.”

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