From entrepreneur to ‘ultrapreneur’

14 June 2017

Meet the Harlesden entrepreneur and author on a mission to get young people in Brent to fulfil their business potential Born and bred in Brent, Julian Hall started his first business in his late teens and became a bestselling author with his first book Entrepreneur to Ultrapre¬neur: 100 ways to up your game.
“I started my journey in fashion, making urban, street-style clothes, and they were pretty cool – even if I do say so myself!”, says Julian, 42.

Father of five Julian says the motivation behind this current venture, Ultra Education, comes from his 15 years working with schools, colleges and universities.

“I really enjoy working with young people. It’s always amazing to hear their great ideas. I’ve been running an entrepreneurship club on Saturdays at Newman Catholic College in Harlesden for about 18 months now. We even have kids from as young as six years old.”

“While I’ve enjoyed working on lots of exciting projects, the greatest satisfaction has always been in inspiring young people to follow their dreams.

“I strongly believe that when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, so I encourage the young people I work with to follow their passions, whether it’s in business or a hobby. The skills gained in teaching entrepreneurship go well beyond just business, but can eventually be used in the workplace and socially.”

Like father, like daughter

Ultra Education is currently the UK’s number one provider of entrepreneurial education programmes for 7-18 year olds, according to Julian, and it seems his head for business is inherited. Julian’s nine-year-old daughter Kamare is a YouTube hit, reviewing different products, taking part in fun challenges, and promoting her own brand of vegan chocolate spread, Chocoria.

So what’s next for the ultrapreneur? “It’s a really exciting and busy time for Ultra Education and we’ve got some big plans in the pipeline. We are aiming to teach entrepreneurship to one million young people by 2020.”

Julian’s advice for budding entrepreneurs in Brent is: “Do what you love! Life’s too short not to enjoy what you do, and doing something you’re passionate about will help you to keep going when things get tough.

“It’s also important to stay connected in modern day business. Don’t isolate yourself; find a mentor, network and collaborate to drive your business forward.”