Faith organisations call for joint prayer and reflection

5 June 2020

Faith leaders from Brent’s Multi-Faith Forum have come together to produce a short video showing solidarity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to bring all people together in one of the most diverse boroughs in London.

Following on from the message of unity in this video, we are calling for people of faith and no-faith to join together to pray or reflect at home at the same time on Thursday 11 June at 8pm.

The places of worship across Brent can also call out in their own way:

  • If you are a church, ring out your bell

  • If you are a mosque, call the Adhan

  • If you are a synagogue, pray privately

  • If you are a temple, call for Prathana

  • If you are a spiritual centre, meditate

  • Whatever your belief, take part in your own way

For anyone who takes part, please continue to observe social distancing.