A Song for Brent – through the generations

1 March 2014

Thanks to funding from Ward Working, Bold Voices the senior choir based at Elders Voice, have teamed up with the John Keble Primary School Choir to create the 'Song for Brent', an intergenerational project uniting younger and older people.

Developed during six workshops sessions, the song celebrates the positive things about living in the borough and the words are taken from the experiences of all singers. The John Keble Primary School Choir is Brent Primary School Choir of the Year 2013 and Westfield Choir of the Year 2013.

The 'Song for Brent' will be performed on Wednesday 5 March at 2.30pm at John Keble Primary School and all are welcome to attend.

Those interested in attending and seeing what has been achieved through the project should contact the school on 020 8965 5072 or Elders Voice on 020 8968 8170.