2-metre social distancing signs for borough’s parks and pavements

1 April 2020


Signs will soon start appearing across the borough to show people how far apart they should stand if they need to leave their home during lock-down - the first was installed at Woodcock Park (pictured)

Banners will be fitted to park gates and public railings, and 2-metre social distancing stickers will be positioned at main entrances and well-used paths to help people understand how far apart 2-metres is.

The banners will carry hard-hitting warnings in some busy ‘hot spots’ that people face a fine or arrest if they continue to meet up with people outside of their ‘isolation family’.

The Council is helping the Police to enforce social distancing measures as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease peaks over the next few weeks.

Councillor Krupa Sheth, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, warned: “While the majority of us are abiding by the new laws to drive down the cases of Covid-19, there are some who are still not taking this disease seriously enough.

“We will be issuing fixed penalty notices and alerting the Police if we see groups of people gathering.

 “In particular, we need to stop groups of children playing together or meeting up without their parents’ approval.

 “We are also witnessing a lot of adult groups socialising and drinking in our public spaces which is just not acceptable.

 "We’re working as hard as we can to keep our parks open, but we need everyone on board following the rules.”