From foster care to university – a Brent teenager’s inspiring journey to success

7 March 2020

‘I was fostered nearly 16 years ago. It was all so confusing; I didn’t really understand what was going on. All I wanted was to be with my mum.’

Trevor, now in his final year at university, is one of the young people in our care. Before moving in with his current foster family, he had been in two other foster homes. ‘First, I was with my auntie, then with another family, and after that with the people that I am with now.’

At age eleven, Trevor started life in his third and last foster home. Used to moving around, he did not believe that that would become his forever home. ‘I didn’t know if it would be my permanent home, if I would stay there, so I tried not to get too comfortable.’ Despite being unsettled, his foster carers rapidly made him feel part of the family. ‘They showed me that I was one of theirs. They’re definitely my mum and dad, that’s how I see them now.’

This family not only welcomed Trevor into their lives, but they also supported and pushed him to fulfil his potential and be the best he could be. His foster mum was a very successful interior designer, his foster dad works in a hospital, and one of his foster sisters is studying to become a doctor. ‘They are all very hard working, academic people, and they encouraged me in that direction to be like that as well. These guys believed that I could do great things and I should never limit myself, and that was an important thing for me.’

Now Trevor is getting ready for his graduation, and his foster family played a key role in his success. They cared and provided for him, they offered him a safe and loving environment where he could thrive, but most importantly they inspired him to succeed. Trevor has remained with this family after turning 18 under a staying put agreement.  This happens when the child and the foster parents agree to continue their fostering arrangement once the former has legally become independent. 

Trevor’s story is another example of how being in foster care has helped a vulnerable child thrive. If you want to get involved and have a strong motivation to help others, please contact us. We are here to support you on this journey.

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