Councils to draw up long-term vision for Welsh Harp’s future

21 March 2021

Brent Council and Barnet Council have committed to support in drawing up a long-term vision to regenerate popular beauty spot and valuable wildlife habitat, the Welsh Harp Reservoir, in the coming years.

The popular visitor attraction is owned by the Canal & River Trust (CRT), which works with the two local authorities and the Environment Agency to manage and maintain respective areas. In February, the levels of the Welsh Harp were lowered by the CRT to complete routine maintenance, which revealed large quantities of litter within the reservoir.

Since then, Brent and Barnet Council have been working hard to clean the Welsh Harp, organising litter sweeps and supporting community action days to clean key areas. New recycling bins and signs have been installed in an attempt to discourage littering.

Both councils continue to work with the CRT and the Environment Agency to improve the area, which is also known as Brent Reservoir. In the coming months, all partners will develop a long-term vision for the Welsh Harp before putting ideas out to public consultation.

Cllr Krupa Sheth, Lead Member for Environment at Brent Council, said: “We’re determined to secure a cleaner, greener future for the Welsh Harp. Together with Barnet Council, we believe that this Vision will help preserve this beautiful habitat for future generations.

“As well as taking a long-term view, we’ve also acted swiftly to tackle some of the immediate challenges at the site, with extra litter picks, better signage and more bins.”

Cllr Dean Cohen, Chairman of Barnet Environment Committee, said: “We know how valuable the Welsh Harp is to local people, and to wildlife. It’s a popular breeding site for wetland birds, and as an important Site of Special Scientific Interest, it’s important we maintain it to a high standard.

"The Welsh Harp is a place where people can escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy an oasis of water, greenery, and tranquillity. The long-term vision we are developing will help ensure that this remains the case for years to come.”