Brent election results declared

23 May 2014

The 2014 local election results for the London Borough of Brent have now been officially declared.

The following number of councillors were elected by party to Brent Council:

  • six Conservative councillors (six councillors elected in 2010)
  • 56 Labour Party councillors (40 councillors elected in 2010)
  • one Liberal Democrat councillor (17 councillors elected in 2010).

Labour now has a majority on Brent Council and will form the next administration.

The 2014 local elections were the first to be counted in the new home of the council, the Brent Civic Centre, in Wembley. Around 450 members of staff were involved in running the elections, which saw 222 candidates standing across the borough's 21 wards.

Brent has a population of around 313,000 making it the fifth largest borough in London, and it is one of the most ethically diverse. The number on the electoral register for 2014 was 217,118 voters.

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