Harlesden votes in favour of new neighbourhood plan

31 May 2019

Harlesden residents will now have influence over developments in their local area after 89.61 per cent of voters chose to support a new neighbourhood plan.

The Harlesden Neighbourhood plan was created by the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum. It sets out a vision for the area and contains planning policies and community aspirations to achieve it.

The fifteen-year vision offered by the plan includes developing Harlesden whilst at the same time preserving its distinct heritage and resolving some of the challenges faced by its residents, such as rising living costs and access to employment.

The plan was supported by 1139 voters who came out to vote in a local referendum on 30 May and was rejected by 132 voters. It is now set to become a statutory document and will guide development within the area alongside other planning policies.

Cllr Tatler,Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Highways and Planning, said; “We’re working with residents to create a future fit for all and to get regeneration right. The community members of the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum put a lot of hard work into creating this neighbourhood plan and they now have the support of the local residents to make it a legal document.”

For further details, visit the Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan page or view a breakdown on the Election results for Neighbourhood plan area.