Two weeks full of reasons to care for local children and young people

30 April 2021

Foster Care Fortnight, the biggest awareness raising campaign in the fostering sector, is taking place between 10 and 23 May 2021. After a year full of difficulties, we are joining the campaign to celebrate the commitment of local Brent foster carers and raise awareness about fostering.

This year’s theme is #WhyWeCare, encouraging everyone involved to share their thoughts on what made them get involved in fostering and care for vulnerable children. The motivation to foster is extremely important because it helps the foster parent navigate difficult times. A strong motivation will remind the carer why they started fostering in the first place, thus helping them find the strength to continue going despite not seeing the positive outcomes immediately. The past year has been very challenging, which makes now a great time to speak about how our carers’ strong motivation has helped them successfully navigate the pandemic.

Cllr. Patel, Cabinet Member for Children’s Safeguarding, Early Help & Social Care, said: ‘It has been a challenging time for everyone, vulnerable young people and foster carers alike, however, we are proud of what our local carers achieved during the pandemic. They were very resilient and remained motivated throughout the year. We saw people who had to self-isolate and could not take in any children; yet, they connected with us online and used this time to attend training and learn new skills. Others have welcomed children into their home at the peak of the pandemic, with very little notice. This carer, for instance, has shown flexibility when she had to support a baby to move in with his new adopters. Each and every one of them has done amazing things, which we are extremely grateful for.’

The reasons why our foster carers care about children are as unique as themselves. Jo, for example, who is a baby foster carer, said that 'as a family, we decided to foster babies for our local authority as we have a lot of love to give and wanted to give a child the best possible start in life, by offering them a safe, warm and loving environment.'  Pratima, another dedicated foster carer who has been fostering for over 10 years for Brent, confessed to us that she became a foster parent to 'help local children become reliable members of the community in the future. I was brought up in convent as a boarder and I know how valuable nurturing young children is. As a foster carer I enjoy spending my time teaching them new things every day and exposing them to various activities that help them gain new skills like gardening, cooking and socialising with other children. Fostering is enjoyable and rewarding, especially when you see the progress the child has made after coming to you. I would recommend it to anyone who loves children and has the time and energy to look after them.'

Julie, for example, decided to foster together with her husband who was adopted as a baby. They both knew how big a change the adoption made to his life, so they wanted to give back to more children in care. Her sister, Sam, another one of our amazing baby foster parents, decided to foster because she wanted to teach and support babies to take their first steps in life

And here's what Jacqueline, one of our newly approved foster parents, had to say about why she cares about children. 

Listen here to Sam share her experience briefly


Parveen told us, too, why she cares

 and here's Jade on her motivation to look after children 


If you are passionate about helping others and can think of a good reason why you want to do this, get in touch with us. If you do not meet the fostering requirements but still want to help local children, take part in our campaign and spread the word about Brent needing more foster carers. Follow us online (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) during 10 and 23 May and beyond and share our inspiring content; sign up to our newsletter and forward the emails to your friends, or organise a fostering walk – every little thing you do will make a huge difference.

To find out more about fostering we encourage you to attend one of our online information evenings on 3 June or 1 July  from 5.15 pm. Sign up here for your free ticket.

*If you need advice and support on how to spread the word about fostering, email and we can help you.

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