Brondesbury Park by-election results

7 May 2021

Gwen Grahl, Labour Party, has been elected to Brent Council after winning a seat in the Brondesbury Park by-election that was held yesterday (Thursday 6 May 2021).

This follows the resignation of former councillor, Kieron Gill, earlier this year.

4,083 residents in Brondesbury Park ward cast their votes, marking a turnout of 42.5%.

The breakdown of results is as follows:

Name of Candidate


Number of votes

Philip Richard Alexander

Liberal Democrats


Sapna Chadha

Conservative Party


Gwen Grahl (winner)

Labour Party


Sheila Simpson

Green Party



Unfortunately 68 ballot papers were rejected because they included votes for more candidates than the voter was entitled to, or they were unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty.

Carolyn Downs, Returning Officer and Chief Executive at Brent Council, said:

“Thank you to everyone who voted, and for our incredible Elections Team, polling station staff and count staff who have successfully run four different elections on the same day, during a pandemic when there has been even more work to do.

“I also want to say congratulations to Gwen Grahl – I wish her all the best and look forward to working with her.”

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