Family Hubs given the go ahead

5 November 2019


Eight family hubs will be introduced in the borough after the proposals were agreed by Brent Council’s Cabinet.

The new Family Hubs, which will be developed from eight Children's Centre venues around Brent, will provide a wide range of easily accessible support for families. All public health services will be delivered from the hubs and community midwifery will continue to be provided. The hubs will expand on the existing Children’s Centre provision for 0-5 year olds as well as provide support for families with children aged upto18 years, increasing to 25 years for those with disabilities.

Youth mentoring and peer support are two of the proposed new additions. There are also plans for evening and weekend activities. The new centres will open for longer in the week as well as operate during the weekends to accommodate these.

Brent Council decided to develop the family hubs following extensive public consultation about a wide range of savings proposals earlier in 2019.

A Brent Council spokesperson said:

“The introduction of a Family Hub Model transforms the way Brent provides support to local families.

“This will see us move on from a children’s centre model – which provides excellent support, but only between 0-5 years – to family centres which will provide support up to 18 years, and 25 years in the case of those with disabilities.

 “This model will ensure comprehensive support for families and young people at all stages on the journey to adulthood, and will be a big change to the way these services are delivered in Brent.”

The eight proposed locations are –

  • Fawood and Curzon (managed as one Hub), Stonebridge and Harlesden Wards
  • Preston Park (adjacent to Preston Park primary school), Preston Ward
  • Alperton (adjacent to Alperton School), Wembley Central Ward (close to Alperton Ward)
  • St Raphael’s (centrally located on the Stonebridge estate), Stonebridge Ward
  • Church Lane (adjacent to Fryent Primary school), Fryent Ward
  • Three Trees (adjacent to Queens Park Community school) Brondesbury Park Ward (close to Queens Park Ward)
  • Willow (predominantly as a SEND hub situated adjacent to Chalk Hill Primary School) Barnhill Ward
  • Granville Plus (on the site of Granville Plus Centre, also adjoined to Granville Plus Nursery School) Kilburn Ward

The children’s centre sites that are not planned for development will continue to be used in alternative ways for the benefit of children and their families in the borough.