Free parking for shoppers in Brent this Christmas

25 November 2019

Shoppers in Brent will be able to park for free on the weekends leading up to Christmas in 10 council car parks across Brent.

Starting on 1 December, council car parks across the borough will be open to motorists to park for free on the weekends of 7/8 December, 14/15 December, 21/22 December.

The following car parks will be free to use:

 In addition, all council car parks will be free on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, to manage demand and provide an alternative to on-street parking.

 A Brent Council spokesperson said:

 "The council has long held the view that small businesses are the life blood of the local economy, providing jobs and services and adding to the unique diversity of Brent. With that, we are keen to support our local businesses in whatever way we can.

"We hope that providing free parking across sites in the borough at one of the busiest times of the year for businesses will help those who do shop locally to stay loyal, and for those who tend to drive out of the borough to shop, to encourage them to see what local high streets in the borough have to offer."


*Correction at 17:25 on 29 November 2019: This news item originally stated that free parking will start on 30 November.  If you read this post before 17:25 on 29 November and didn't pay for parking in a council car park on 30 November resulting in a Penalty Charge Notice, please let us know by challenging your Penalty Charge Notice online and we'll be happy to cancel it.